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Funding Solutions

Business Funding Programs from Merchants Bank Inc

At Marchants Bank Inc, our goal is to help fund your small or medium-sized business. Since the needs of every business are unique, we offer several different funding programs to help you find the solution that is right for you, whether you own a high-volume, established business or starter business in its first or second year. We offer both Merchant Cash Advance programs and Microloans programs. Each type of program features very competitive rates and flexible repayment options as well as unparalleled merchant customer service and the experience of seasoned professional agents. If your company accepts credit card transactions, choose our:


Merchant Cash Advances are cash advances given to business owners on the strength of their current volume of credit card sales. This capital can be used to cover virtually all types of business expenses. The advance is recouped from the business’ future credit card transactions.


More flexible than a traditional bank loan, our small business loans allow business owners to get cash for their businesses even if they don’t accept credit cards or do little in credit card sales. Small business loans are typically recouped through weekly or daily ACH payments from your business.