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Payment Processing

At Merchants Bank Inc, we are devoted to affix a right credit card processing system that will be personally suited to your business needs. We’re here to provide industry-leading programs, the latest equipment and highly competitive pricing. As always, our goal is to keep ahead with our top-notch technology through our counter top system solutions that seamlessly provide our esteemed clients the reliability and security that is required.

Trade Show Vendors

Taking payments at a trade show can be a challenge, unless you’re working with Merchants Bank Inc. state of the art wireless solutions.

Merchants Bank Inc. wireless terminals ensure reliable and professional processing in a compact and secure form. Our state-of-the-art terminals allow you to process sales quickly and provide instant approvals, so you will never lose a sale again.

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Signature Capture feature
  • High-speed Processing
  • Modem back-up available

Wireless Program

When your business is mobile, whether its door-to-door sales, taxi services or trade shows; Merchants Bank Inc. puts all the latest resources at your fingertips.

  • On the go? You’ll want to check out our Smart Phone Processing
  • Are you a Trade Show Vendor? Check out our Wireless Solutions

Offering comprehensive wireless programs using the latest technology, Merchants Bank Inc. solutions are the right fit for any business! Contact us to learn more orRequest a Free Quote today.


Merchants Bank Inc. e-commerce solution provides your website with the most user-friendly and fastest payment gateway available.

Merchants Bank Inc. E-Commerce accounts combine ease of use, PCI compliance and a streamline process to ensure a safe and easy check out. All Merchants Bank Inc. accounts can be plugged into any website and easily tied into the checkout process:

  • Free shopping cart
  • Online account manager
  • Online Remote accessibility
  • Gift and Loyalty programs

Phone Order

Using the internet on your cell phone allows for a readily available mobile card processing solution.

Smart Phone Payments are the new wave in credit card processing and Merchants Bank Inc. offers the most secure and user-friendly mobile solutions available to help you take advantage of this cost-effective and fast evolving trend.

  • Signature Capture feature
  • Swipe Device add-on
  • Printer add-on
  • Complete back-end office
  • 24/7 Support

Mail Order

With this type of account, you will be manually keying in your customer’s credit card number to process a sale.

We understand that reliability and professionalism are paramount to our clients who operate non face-to-face businesses, so at Merchants Bank Inc. our goal is to streamline this process for you.

With our customer management tools and our secure payment gateway, Merchant One makes running sales over the phone just as efficient as running them in person.

  • User-friendly Virtual Terminal
  • Online customer interface
  • Remote access from anywhere


Merchants Bank Inc is a great solution for face to face businesses that swipe their customer’s credit cards to collect payment.

We offer high speed, state-of-the-art terminals that process your transactions with efficiency and reliability. All equipment is fully secure and PCI Compliant and can connect with any phone or internet line.

We understand how important your business image is, so Merchants Bank Inc. retail program comes with the necessary tools to have you looking like a professional large retail chain.

  • State of the art terminal
  • High speed processing
  • Gift and Loyalty card programs